Sunday, October 08, 2006


Until the Steelers get their S-H-I-T together, consider this blog discontinued until further notice.

Friday, October 06, 2006

I Wanna Be Like....T.O.?????

Apparently, Terrell Owens is writing a children's book (link below). Is that a little more than disturbing to anyone? It was bad enough a few years ago when Madonna (not exactly a moral pillar of society) threw her hat into this ring, but now T.O.!!!!

I've listed a few values and topics I think his expertise warrants in order to help mold our youth into upstanding American citizens?

1. Suicide and/or Drug Overdose - An effective way to grab news headlines during your bye week when football fans were hoping for a little T.O. peace and quiet
2. Integrity - After completing a grueling 15% of a signed commitment that a few months prior was publicized as a great victory for him and his newly hired agent, T.O. exclaimed that the hardships of feeding his family on millions of dollars per year was just too much.
3. Teamwork - The ability to swiftly (and single-handedly) implode a championship caliber team because your QB didn't want to hear you cry and whine in the huddle about being overthrown
4. Standards - When hiring a publicist, make sure the only qualification she possesses is "looks". So what if she can't even follow simple PR-101 tenets (okay...maybe this one isn't such a bad lesson)

I can't wait to spend my $12.99 when this comes out!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Week #5 - Pre-Game Warm Up

Well boys and girls, this is a big one. We have forces working against us this week. A west coast trip...historically a pain in the butt. A QB who has yet to get on track. An opponent's defense that is as good as any in the league. With that said, I feel really good. We have always been hugely successful against 1st-time quarterbacks. Look for as much pressure as LeBeau can possibly bring. We will bring the pass rush by land, air and sea. Plus, Marty-ball just doesn't work. I've always considered myself very conservative in terms of play selection and in-game decisions. As many of you know, mere trick plays make me cringe...and being a Steelers fan...that can make games very painful to watch. But Schottenheimer, well, the game has just passed him by. Look for us to start looking like the world champions that we are.

Steelers: 24
Chargers: 6

FINALLY...Problems Solved

Well, maybe not all of 'em, but a lot of 'em. Cowher's decision to insert Willie Reid into the punt return situation is going to take away many headaches we can just do without.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Two Cents...

After forcing myself to stomach a few games this weekend, I feel a little better about our situation. Here's my two cents...

The Bengals are very overrated. They beat the Chiefs in week #1, once they knocked Trent Green out of the game. They beat up on the Browns, who are pathetic. They beat us because of back to back fumbles inside our own 30 yard line late in the game. This weekend, they were once again rushed on and sacked at will. Their defense is a joke and they just can't protect Palmer. The Bengals are not the team to worry about in the AFC North.

The Colts are very good (and still undefeated), but not near as good as last year. They will definitely be there in January, but not February. The running game (or should I say "lack thereof") will make it even easier to pressure Manning, which of disasterous for the Colts.

The Ravens are a little scary with McNair. Last year, if their opponent would have scored late in the 4th quarter to go up 4 points, the game was over. Boller was simply incapable of putting 6 points on the board (especially quickly). McNair gives them the ability to move the offense. Thank goodness they don't have the defense they had 4+ years ago.

That's it for now.

Keep the Faith,


Friday, September 29, 2006

Steelers Crossword Puzzle

Still bored because the Steelers aren't playing this week? Click on the above image, print it out and try to complete this Steelers crossword puzzle.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

First Round Draft Picks

A little something to do this weekend since there's no game worth watching. Click on the above image, print it out and find 39 first round draft picks of the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you get 'em all, leave a comment and let us know. A couple of hints. The names can go in any direction and it starts with the pick that is credited with turning around the franchise.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Week #3 - Post Game Wrap Up

I know my brothers, it hurts. It cuts right to the bone. A mere three weeks into the season and the world champions have to go .769 the rest of the way to even get a sniff of the post season. There is absolutely no room for error at this point. Sound familiar? We have many very difficult road games remaining (Chargers, Ravens, Panthers and Bengals to name a few). Sound familiar? The entire civilized world doesn't think we can do it. Sound friggin' famliar?

Okay, let's now focus. We have a week off to lick our wounds...wounds that run deep. That helps. We also have a week to figure out our punt return situation. I'm not sure that's enough time. The Haynes fumble is happens. The hit was hard and timely. On the other hand, the Colclough fumble is not forgiveable. It was another painful reminder that he doesn't belong in the NFL. He is a liability on defense and he is worthless on special teams. Why he's still on the team (any team) as of...10:30 p.m. Tuesday, September a mystery to me. Someone remind me why we drafted Willie Reid if he's going to remain inactive while our punt return situation is costing us key ballgames at home! In case anyone forgot, our punt return team could have cost us two TDs in week #1 as well. It's just not acceptable.

My advice is this. As far as anyone is concerned, today is December 5th, 2005. We've just lost a huge game to the Bengals at Heinz Field. Our back is against the wall and tomorrow no longer exists. We live for today and today only. Get your game faces on let's get it going one day at a time.

Keep the faith,


PS - The report card segment of this blog will only appear after victories. Following a loss, consider every grade for every player to be an "F".

Friday, September 22, 2006

Week #3 - Pre-Game Warm Up

Our apologies for the radio-silence for most of this week. Losses have that effect on all of us, don't they? Well, here we are. Week #3 and we desperately need a victory. A loss puts the champs 2.5 games back. A victory...and we're right where we belong. I know my prediction on Monday night was pathetic. I did figure Big Ben would need to shake off some rust, but didn't realize it would take the entire game. That said, it's time to get back on track. We're at home, the defense is looking solid and Big Ben will respond come this Sunday.

Steelers 24, Bengals 20

Keep the Faith,


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Week #2 - Post Game Wrap Up

Let's make this short and not so sweet. We sucked. That pretty much sums it up.

On a seperate note, I'd like to recognize Tony Kornheiser for the most idiotic comment of the week. Late in the 4th quarter with Jacksonville leading 9-0, Einstein pipes up and proclaims, "this is a real statement game for the Jacksonville Jaguars". A "statement" game? They're at home on Monday Night Football, coming off of a 12-4 season, playing against a QB who hasn't taken a real snap since early February and is 17 days out from emergency appendectomy surgery and they put up a whopping 9 points. They don't even put the ball in the endzone. What exactly was the "statement" they were making???? Our kicker's pretty good? I admit, my pregame prediction wasn't exactly brilliant...but it was at least PRE game. Kornheiser was sitting in the booth AT the game and that was his take on the game. What a nimrod!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Week #2 - Pre-Game Warm Up

We've got some bad news...and we've got some good news. The bad news is that we're a little banged up heading into this week. The good news is that the Jags are too. Furthermore, the Jags are banged up on their defensive front. If there's one place you can't afford to be weak against the Steelers, it's your D-line. As we all know, our offensive line is one of the best in the NFL. Thus, one of two scenarios will likely unfold this Monday:

1.) Their defense will over-compensate to stop the run. This will give Big Ben (that's right...he's playing) all day to pick apart their secondary.
2.) Their defense will continue with its typical schemes. This will open up the running lanes for Fast Willie.

Either way, it's suicide for Jacksonville. It's been said before...we're the World Friggin' Champs! You can't show up with your "B" game. You have to bring it and bring it hard for 60 agonizing minutes. SwinzerNet just doesn't feel like the Jags are going to do that this Monday night.

Unlike last week, when picking the "player of the game" was a piece of cake...thank you very much...Joey Porter by the way. This week is a tough one, because any of the Steelers can take control of this one. On one hand, you have the whole Big Ben drama unfolding. There's no better stage than MNF for him to show the world that he's the best QB in football right now. Sticking with the offense, I really like Fast Willie and yes, Najeh Davenport (multi-TD "Bettis-like" performance) this week. Player of the game...I'm penciling in Roethlisberger. If by some chance he doesn't play, then Parker will take the award.

I must admit, Leftwich could give our defense some problems. However, they just can't outscore us. I know I've been down on Face Me Ike lately. Well, it's time to change the kharma. Taylor will have a great game.

Score? I'm going with 27-17, though I'm not sure Jeff Reed is capable of making two FGs right now. Scooterman et al, bring home a road victory.

Keep the faith,


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Below, we've placed the link to each regular season opponent's local newspaper(s). This will help you quickly zero in on any information about the enemy being discussed in their hometown and surrounding areas. Come back to this specific blog entry each week to get the inside scoop on the next victim.

Week #1 – Miami Dolphins

Miami Herald

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Palm Beach Post

Week #2 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Florida Times-Union

Week #3 – Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Post

Dayton Daily News

Columbus Dispatch

Week #4 – Bye

Sports Illustrated

Sporting News


Yahoo Sports

Week #5 – San Diego Chargers

San Diego Chargers

Week #6 – Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Star

Topeka Capital-Journal

Week #7 – Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (registration required)

Week #8 – Oakland Tribune

Oakland Tribune

San Jose Mercury-News

San Francisco Chronicle

Week #9 – Denver Broncos

Denver Post

Denver Rocky Mountain News

Boulder Daily Camera

Colorado Springs Gazette

Week #10 – New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Times-Picayune (registration required)

Baton Rouge Advocate

Week #11 – Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Plain Dealer (registration required)

Akron Beacon-Journal

Week #12 – Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Sun

Carroll County Times

Week #13 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Tribune

Saint Petersburg Times

Lakeland Ledger

Week #14 – Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Plain Dealer (registration required)

Akron Beacon-Journal

Week #15 – Carolina Panthers

Charlotte Observer

Week #16 – Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Sun

Carroll County Times

Week #17 – Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Post

Dayton Daily News

Columbus Dispatch

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Week #1 - Steelers News Around the World

Please click on any of the links below to read what "out-of-Pittsburgh" media are saying about the greatest sports franchise in the history of the world. Over time, some of the links may no longer work as many publication's websites will eventually remove them.

Where Are They Now

Lexington, KY

Dermontti Dawson

Week #1 - Other Area’s Perspectives

Seattle, WA

Post-Intelligencer - Week 1 / Article 1

Post-Intelligencer - Week 1 / Article 2

Post-Intelligencer - Week 1 / Article 3

Los Angeles, CA

LA Times - Week 1 / Article 1


Sports Illustrated - Week 1 / Article 1

Fort Wayne, IN

Journal-Gazette - Week 1 / Article 1

Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Post - Week 1 / Article 1

Rockford, IL

Register-Star - Week 1 / Article 1

Fort Worth, TX

Star-Telegram - Week 1 / Article 1

Saint Paul, MN

Pioneer-Press - Week 1 / Article 1

Oakland, CA

Tribune - Week 1 / Article 1

Akron, OH

Beacon-Journal - Week 1 / Article 1

Altoona, PA

Mirror - Week 1 / Article 1

Check back next week for more "outside" perspectives!

Keep the faith,


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Walking Wounded this Monday Night

Eleven days between games is quite unusual in the NFL, but quite necessary for the Steelers this week due to some key players being banged up.

Ben Roethlisberger (appendectomy recovery)
Troy Polamalu (shoulder)
Jerame Tuman (hamstring)

Hines Ward (hamstring)
Max Starks (knee)
Nate Washington (knee)

Wow, the black n gold will need every minute (over 15,000 of them to be exact) to get healthy. A road game in Jacksonville is never easy, so it's imperative we show up at full speed.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The "Who Dey Hypocrisy"

All year long, it has grown very tiring listening to the Bengal faithful talk trash about how they were cheated out of a playoff victory this past January because of a blatant (their word) cheapshot on their beloved QB Carson Palmer by Kimo von Oelhoffen. Even after watching the replay hundreds of times as their offensive tackle clearly pushed the off-balance Steeler into the QB's knee, most of them still insist it was a calculated plan. Living on the fringe of Bengal territory, a day hasn't gone by that I still don't hear rumblings. For months and months, Bengals' message boards filled up with gigabytes worth of scathing comments stating the same. Oh, isn't amusing how life twists and turns and ultimately comes full circle? You would think Robert Geathers' hit on Trent Green this past Sunday would open Bengals' fans eyes to their ridiculous claims this past January. But as we all know, true ignorance only breeds hypocrisy in such a case. Personally, SwinzerNet doesn't feel that either situation merits being classified as a cheap shot. They were both bang/bang plays that ended tragically. However, if either hit was a cheap shot, Geathers' hit qualifies way before von Oelhoffen's ever would. Trent Green was clearly in the act of sliding feet first. According to NFL rules, he is not only officially down at that point, he is also officially "untouchable" at that point. But it was at this very point that Geathers unloaded a punishing hit. He didn't let up at all. He followed through completely. We've definitely seen flags fly for similar hits that have happened earlier in the QB slide process. Our point is not whether it was cheap or not. The real point is that Bengals fans are some of the most ignorant there are in terms of understanding the game. They've been neglected by their ownership for so long now, they've grown bitter and refuse to see the truth (even as it unfolds hundreds of times before their eyes on instant replay). We offer one simple recommendation to any Bengal fan who wishes to continue with these ridiculous claims against the black n gold. Look in the mirror. The great thing about being a Steelers fan is that when we look, we see five Super Bowl rings staring us in the face.

Keep the faith,


Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Bull of a Man!

6' 1" tall...
247 pounds...
4.9 yards per carry average...

The Steelers' front office immediately and decisively addressed the short yardage concern that has been keeping us all up at night since Thursday's thumping of the Miami Dolphins. Najeh Davenport certainly fits the mold of a traditional Steelers' RB. If he can stay healthy, he will successfully fill the "Bettis" shoes from last year. Not only will he be a stud in short yardage and goaline situations, he should be able to take 10 or so carries per game off of Fast Willie's workload. That's huge!

Welcome aboard big man,


Friday, September 08, 2006

Week #1 - Report Cards

Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of game film to review. Heck, we don't even have Tivo. But here's how SwinzerNet rates the performances from the Dolphin game.

Charlie Batch (B+)
By starting QB standards, this was far from a great performance. However, Charlie did exactly what you want your back-up QB to do...he gutted out a victory. That said, the performance was imperfect enough to not receive an "A".

Willie Parker (A-)
100+ yards. A lot of tough yards up the middle. Held onto the ball. QB protection was just adequate. He is so dangerous that he keeps the defense honest.

Hines Ward (A)
Simply put, he's our fearless leader. A slow start, but a bunch of tough catches. Great blocking as always.

Cedrick Wilson (C)
Didn't seem to hurt us, but was fairly invisible the entire game. Expect his grade to improve when Big Ben returns.

Heath Miller (A)
I'm not sure we'll ever give him anything less. The absolute best pick in the entire 2005 draft.

Offensive Line (B)
No false starts! No penalties that we can remember. Pass protection was okay. Run blocking picked up as they wore down the Dolphins' defense. Room for improvement.

Punt Coverage (D)
We've got issues here.

Punt Returning (D)
A very scary night in this area. We're very lucky we didn't have two TOs because of the sloppy punt return play.

Joey Porter (A+)
The only A+ tonight. Fantastic all-around performance (rushing, covering, stopping the run).

Other LBs (B)
Completely shut down the run everywhere except at the goal line.

Superfly (B+)
Got off to a shaky start, but bounced back expected.

Face Me Ike Taylor (C)
Didn't give up a TD, but missed just about every big tackle he needed to make. Coverage was a bit scary. Almost cost us the game by dropping a gift interception in the endzone.

Ryan Clark (B)
Honestly, I didn't see him around the ball very much, which is odd for a free safety. But I also can't remember a single situation where he made an obvious mistake.

Jeff Reed (D)
The only thing keeping us from giving our first "F" here is the fact that he made his PATs. Kick-offs were mediocre and the field goal attempt was a joke.

Coach Whis (B+)
Given the situation, great job.

Coach Labeau (A)
Other than a few execution breakdowns, the defense was impressive and the calls were near perfect.

Well, that's it for week #1. Please feel free to add any comments or opinions.

Keep the faith,


Week #1 - Post Game Wrap Up

Typically, these events happen every Friday in the Spring all around the Pittsburgh area. But on this Thursday on a beautiful fall evening, the Steelers held a good old fashioned FISH FRY...right on the gridiron at Heinz Field! You know how we hate to tell the world, "we told ya so", but...we told ya so!!! Even sitting 400 miles away, SwinzerNet still maintains the title of "all mighty soothsayer". Admittedly, SwinzerNet's score prediction of 27-10 was slightly off from the actual 28-17. However, that prediction was made before Big Ben's emergency appendectomy forced him out of the starting line-up. The amazing call was that Joey Porter would dominate (remember that word because you'll see it a lot this season) the game...and D-O-M-I-N-A-T-E he did. If you think about how he dominated the second half of last season (and the playoffs)...after he finally healed from his preseason surgery, he is poised for an amazing year. He's currently on pace for 32 sacks, 16 interceptions and 16 TDs. Whoa!

The only downside of this game is that the Dolphins are really, really bad. Consider that every single bounce went their way AND we had our all-world QB on the bench AND we still beat the spread by 11x what Vegas established...they may not win a game this season. Regardless, just like last year, champions find a way to win tough games when they're dealt tough breaks (unlike the Bengals, who folded like a house of cards). Superfly proved that preseason is just that...preseason. Fast Willie proved that last year was no fluke.

We do have three concerns that need to be ironed out before they become a factor. 1.) Face Me Ike struggled the entire game. 2.) Our short yardage situations aren't "gimmes" anymore. 3.) Jeff Reed needs to get his head right with ball. That said, we're confident that all of these concerns can be fixed.

To the Heinz Field faithful, way to make it happen. Please continue to check back daily for updates and more mind-boggling predictions.

Keep the faith,


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rub A Little Dirt On It!

Okay, maybe I know a nurse who bought a disposable camera at the gift shop...maybe I don't. Regardless, it's just a scratch for crying out loud. This is a man who got into a fight with a Chrysler New Yorker...and won. Does anyone really think a 3-inch scar is gonna make a bit of difference come early February when the black n gold are repeating as world champions? I think not. The bottom line, the only bearing this incident has on the season is the margin of victory in week one, plain and simple. We're the world friggin champions and we have the luxury of possessing a "plug n play" roster, depth abounding from every position.

Other Happenings

Locking up Fast Willie Parker and Face Me Ike Taylor was just phenomenal. The Steelers' front office just continues to prove they are the best in football. I believe I saw where the only issue we have for next season is Max Starks being a restricted free agent after this season. I doubt anyone's giving up a #1 for him, so we're set for a potential threepeat.

Keep the faith,


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Week #1 - Pre-Game Warm Up

Here we are, seven months removed from our fifth Super Bowl victory. In a word, how will the Steelers respond? Well, you may remember the single word I used in my prediction prior to the 2005 campaign. You don't? That's okay, because it is that very word that will sum up Thursday night's match-up.


If you don't already know, I'm a big believer in the NFL cliche, "any given Sunday". Our loss to the Texans a few years ago in their inaugural season beat that into me loud and clear. That said, I'm not nearly as big of a believer in the lesser known NFL cliche, "any given Thursday". The Steelers' defense, which looked less than impressive in the preseason, will make a statement. I'm hopeful that "Superfly" will return to upper echelon form. However, on this day it is Mr. Joey Porter who will steal the show. As far as the offense, look for Coach Whis to open it up a little. I know, the offensive line looked a little suspect in the preseason. Once again, I'm going to give the benefit of any doubt to the world champions.

I think I've established a Steelers' victory already. I know, you want a score from me. I'll go with 27-10.

Check back next weekend for post-game analysis, which will include player report cards and much, much more.

Keep the faith!


Crystal Ball - Team-By-Team Records

The NFL...32 teams...16 games each...and SwinzerNet picks them all right here, right now. However, Pete Rozelle might just roll over in his grave after reading this, because parity in the NFL is gone. All that's left is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly...

American Football Conference
East: Patriots (15-1), Jets (10-6), Dolphins (6-10), Bills (3-13)
North: Steelers (14-2), Bengals (8-8), Ravens (6-10), Browns (3-13)
South: Colts (13-3), Jaguars (12-4), Texans (4-12), Titans (4-12)
West: Chargers (14-2), Broncos (8-8), Chiefs (8-8), Raiders (4-12)

National Football Conference
East: Eagles (12-4), Cowboys (9-7), Giants (9-7), Redskins (8-8)
North: Bears (10-6), Vikings (7-9), Lions (4-12), Packers (3-13)
South: Panthers (12-4), Buccaneers (9-7), Falcons (4-12), Saints (2-14)
West: Cardinals (12-4), Seahawks (11-5), Rams (11-5), 49ers (2-14)

Super Bowl XLI: Steelers vs. Panthers
World Champions: Steelers

Friday, September 01, 2006

Welcome to SwinzerNet

Welcome to SwinzerNet. I know, you ask the question, "What exactly is SwinzerNet?" Simply put, it is one man's rants and ramblings primarily focusing on the greatest football franchise in the history of the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Your next question is an obvious one, "Well...why?" Simply put again, because one can never have enough dialogue and discussion about this very subject. Here, one will find mind-boggling NFL predictions, hard-hitting insight and undying support for the 5-time world champion black n gold. And yes, you ask one final question, "Who the hell are you?" I am just one of the millions who make up the world's largest and most dedicated fan base...the more, no less. But more importantly, I am your undercover brother from another mother...and don't you ever forget it. Check back, and do it often.